Ian Higham and leading Democrats speak at the Human Rights Conference in Gothenburg

Our consultant Ian Higham spoke on LGBTQ rights in the United States on a panel at the Human Rights Conference in Gothenburg, held in conjunction with EuroPride 2018. The panel was organized by Democrats Abroad Sweden, where Ian is on the Stockholm steering committee.

Ian participated in a panel with Martha McDevitt-Pugh, a member of the Democratic National Committee, that was moderated by Maria Sjödin, Deputy Director of Outright Action International in New York. Ian and Martha spoke about what is at stake for LGBTQ Americans in the November 2018 US midterm elections and why Democrats Abroad is actively encouraging expats to vote. Most Americans do not know that there are no federal protections for LGBTQ Americans in the workplace or when accessing services. Moreover, many American expats would not be able to bring their spouses or partners to the United States if recent Supreme Court decisions on marriage equality are overturned by a new Supreme Court Justice.

In addition to his work at Crimson Clarke and his involvement with Democrats Abroad, Ian is a PhD candidate studying business and human rights issues, with a background in corporate social responsibility and socially responsible investment.