What we do best

We work with companies and organizations that want to better reach their stakeholders, domestic or global, as well as demonstrate thought leadership on both sides of the Atlantic.

With our extensive experience in public affairs and strategic communications, we are experts at navigating the complex interaction between political, social, economic, and technological forces that shape ideas.

We understand what will flop and what will fly. 


innovative Public Affairs

We create compelling and creative campaigns and mobilize opinion leaders around the issues that matter to you, on both the national and international level.

Strategic communications

We work with both internal and external communications projects, from an initial workshop through an analysis and action plan.

Stakeholder roundtables

We specialize in creating dynamic policy roundtables that bring together diverse groups of stakeholders so that an organization can best demontrate thought leadership. We also put together Almedalen events and policy seminar road shows.

Media training

 We coach corporate leaders and spokespersons who want to be more confident on camera when facing the Swedish and international media. 


presentation training

We are one of few firms in Sweden offering presentation training in English by native speakers. We coach individuals and groups and help them dispense with their "Swenglish" once and for all. 


Profile positioning

We create thought leadership opportunities for individuals by building their personal narrative and brand, pitching them both to the media and to conference stages, and serving as their PR representative.

policy trips to the u.s.

We arrange unique policy study trips for delegations from Swedish companies and organizations, bringing you up close to the issues and the power players in places like New York, Silicon Valley, Washington DC, and Austin, Texas.